What's in the box?!

A mini update plus some fun reads

What’s in the box? Just bits and pieces of my life. Again.

After a lot of talking and trying to make it work in our current location, my partner and I are moving once our lease is up. With this move he can be closer to his family and we can both be less stressed by the high-cost of living.

Fun random fact if you find yourself moving: Costco will give you boxes for free if you ask them.

It’s going to be a long drive. But we’ve got our masks for when we venture into gas stations, and several books downloaded to fill the hours.

For me hardest part of packing is always the maddening discovery of yet another drawer, cupboard, or random box under the bed that must be sorted through. I tend to scrawl notes on whatever paper is nearby if I am working on other things with the promise to come back later to transcribe the notes properly.

As you can see from just one of the piles, I never did. Thus making it another “to do” on a list of “to dos” with a ticking clock.

Did I mention we aren’t buying new groceries? Besides greens. We are making an effort to eat every can in our pantry. Including ones we never should have bought.

I’ve been writing less for the past week, so here are a few classics you may enjoy.


Excuse me, a bag of what? Some terms for breasts throughout the years.

Alternatives to Tiger Moms you might not want to encounter.

From making dogs go mad to spoiling wine, these are just a few of the things Pliny the Elder wrote about periods.

If you like medieval art humor, this is for you.

Back to packing, then work, then packing more. Also must find a recipe for those beets…


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